Be a Leader Not a Captain

Not everyone who has a job wants to be good at it. That is an unfortunate truth. But good heavy truck repair technicians want to be great at their job. Many younger techs often want to be good and to enjoy the feeling of pride of accomplishment. It’s up to managers to communicate with their people to find out who wants to specialize or even advance their careers.

Having specialists will draw new business as their reputation for solving complex truck problems will become well known.

The Need to be Coached

Managers need to be leaders, not captains. Techs respond to coaching, and may not appreciate a manager who gives orders without any upbeat or uplifting communication. As a manager you need to be observing which of your techs show particular talent for given repairs and who might be a candidate for specialization. Also watch for one displaying good communication and people skills, even leadership ability that might one day make him or her a good manager.

Guiding Technicians

Good techs care about the health of the business. They want to feel secure in their job at your shop. Nurture them with feedback they will thrive on and they might accomplish great things for you. They’ll be more likely to stick with you if you do. Provide training that meshes with their aspirations. Help them to set realistic and meaningful goals for their career.

Help them to envision their future within your shop. They will reward you with good work and accurate repairs as well as fewer comebacks and reduced downtime. All the things that make for happy, loyal customers and drivers. And those happy, loyal customers and drivers will refer their friends and contacts to your shop.

 It’s not easy to become a technician, but it can be very rewarding. Techs can earn a good living. But trucks are complicated vehicles with numerous computer systems built in or added. It takes years to train a tech how to diagnose and repair tractor trailers.

Good Techs Help Build Your Business

So, you are utilizing your techs for more than good repairs. Techs are helping to build a sales funnel that directs more business to your shop. Customers and drivers become ambassadors for your business by spreading your shop’s great reputation.

 More and more schools offer heavy truck technician programs. Apprentice programs can lead to official journeyman or journeyperson status where they learn on the job and attend annual classroom training. Apprenticing also offers new hires the opportunity to earn while they learn.

Younger Techs Crave Technology

At BrightOrder Inc. we’ve worked with a great many shops and myriads of techs over decades. We understand their wants and needs. The best thing you can do for them is to give your techs and managers a software shop management system that will streamline their work and impress customers and drivers with the speed of repairs. Give them EMDECS.

At BrightOrder we created EMDECS to manage truck maintenance and repair shops. It’s a cloud-based software system with instant digital record keeping and inventory management. And its ease of use will surprise you. Techs are up to speed and performing repairs with it in 30 minutes or less.

If you’re not using EMDECS you’ll be watching money drive out of the bays with every repair order you write by hand. Expensive and time consuming paperwork is a thing of the past with our system. That includes ROs, POs, invoices, and all repair records. Paper is gone. It’s all digital and able to be accessed instantly using any device with an internet connection and browser.

Even techs work time is tracked in real time and recorded in the system, eliminating errors. Onscreen icons provide one-touch access to records. Managers and techs will be more productive and your shop can take on more work. We’d like to show it to you. Contact us today for an EMDECS demo.

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