A Trucker’s Companion

A Trucker’s Companion https://youtu.be/LV5F44T-z7Q They’re cute. They’re fluffy. They’re loyal. And they’re playful! Our beloved canine companions have become increasingly common sightings at truck stops. Besides being cute and lovely, they help reduce stress and provide comfort for drivers away from home.  They’re also great encouragement for going out for walks and getting exercise in […]


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Vacation When’s the last time you were able to take a real vacation? When you finally clocked out, how often were you checking your phone to make sure an emergency didn’t pop up that required your attention? Were you even able to leave the area knowing you’d have to go in to save the day […]

When You Really Need a Day Off

EMDECS | When You Really Need a Sick Day You’ve officially had it! You’ve been working nonstop for the last couple of months and you’re SO mentally exhausted that you can’t seem to get simple tasks done without making some sort of mistakes. So you call in sick at work. On one hand, your manager […]

Be Proactive Not Reactive

EMDE They say it’s better to be proactive, rather than reactive – right? What started as just a phrase quickly turned into reality during the last few years. We saw as industries worldwide were left scrambling to keep up with the demand as the supply chain ground to a halt. And for shops, like yours, […]

The Best for Your Fleet

EMDECS | The Best for Your Fleet https://youtu.be/eR8bkDjR1xQ Picture this: a fleet that runs with the absolute minimum downtime and maximizes the lifespan of all of its assets. Isn’t that The Dream? It all starts with one crucial factor: routine maintenance -designed and carried out to uncover potential issues before they become breakdowns.  Failure to […]

Trucking Tidbits | Trucking Abroad: Iceland

Trucking Tidbits | Trucking Abroad: Iceland Iceland is a place that looks like nowhere else on our planet. It’s raw, prehistoric, and feels like you’ve stepped onto another planet. From volcanoes to glaciers and the extended day and night cycle makes it highly sought after for explorers, and adventurers. If you want to travel here, […]

Trucking Tidbits | Trucks in Film: Batman

Trucking Tidbits | Trucks in Film: Batman https://youtu.be/jdNZ6uj9fk4 Although not a truck per se, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to mention what is probably the most iconic vehicle of all time comparable to that of Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. There had been many very different approaches to the caped crusader’s batmobile, The Tumbler from Chrisopher […]

Trucking Tidbits | Trucking Through Time: Ice Cream Trucks

Trucking Tidbits | Trucking Through Time: Ice Cream Trucks https://youtube.com/shorts/w4-IjINqEkg?feature=share The first refrigerated transport was ice cream. The first mechanically refrigerated trucks were made in 1925. During the Depression, ice cream was an affordable luxury for everyday folks. Ice cream trucks became a beloved symbol for the Rocky Road ahead. People LOVE ice cream and […]

Trucking Tidbits | Trucking Abroad: Japan

Trucking Tidbits UK | Trucking Abroad: Japan Japan has a unique and diverse truck culture, that’s a mix of practicality, and personal expression. Japan’s cities are often designed to be dense and narrow. After WW2, Car ownership became more and more unaffordable for common folks. Flash forward to the present, in an urban area like […]