Are You Still Hand Writing Shop Repair Orders?

Are You Still Hand Writing Shop Repair Orders?

Writing RO’s by hand is like being caught in a traffic circle at rush hour unable to reach your exit. Both are a waste of costly time. And we all know what everyone in business says about the cost of unproductive time.

Don’t you wish there could be a smoother, quicker way to issue RO’s, process them, complete them and send invoices without the massive reams of paper in endless file cabinets? 

Of course, you must use RO’s, but there is a simple way to free yourself from writing and filing and more.

We Call it EMDECS

EMDECS is a shop maintenance management program that enables your managers to create work orders and transmit them instantly to technicians. This software system is designed specifically for heavy-duty truck and trailer repairs and maintenance.

Technicians can be trained on the system and up to speed in 30 minutes or less. It’s uncomplicated and smooth to use by both managers and technicians.

Repair Orders are digital, created, transmitted, and completed using any device with an internet connection and a browser to sign in to the portal. Invoices are composed and emailed within 15 minutes. No more stacks of paperwork resting in cumbersome file cabinets. Records can be stored digitally.

Dedicated Technician Portals

Your techs have everything they need at their fingertips. The software is designed with and for techs. Assigned work is clearly displayed, finished clean, and transmitted back to management, eliminating the need for rewriting smudged paper repair orders.

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards

VMRS heavy-duty fleet repair codes are displayed as one-touch icons saving techs from endlessly searching long lists for the right fault codes. Finding the appropriate codes with these visuals is quick and easy, saving precious time. Maintenance records are stored by EMDECS and can instantly be reviewed at any time. VMRS codes are automatically applied to the RO ensuring accurate professional invoices to present to your clients.

Parts Ordering and Receiving

Keeping frequently replaced parts on hand also saves time. Using the software, issue a purchase order and it will generate a pdf you can store physically or digitally.

At times, suppliers may be out of stock on some of the parts you requested. EMDECS partial receiving feature ensures part numbers are tracked even if parts arrive in separate shipments. You never pay for something you didn’t receive.

Using the Accounts Payable Invoice screen you can quickly process vendor invoices whenever they arrive.

Simplified/Suggested Parts Ordering

You automatically receive recommended parts lists based on what your techs used recently. You can even set minimum and maximum stock levels on parts you use often so you never run out of crucial pieces.

The Just-In-Time ordering feature uses an algorithm to recommend when to reorder needed parts so you always have stock. Neither your clients nor your fleet can wait for parts with stock issues. Keep trucks on the road with EMDECS.

Dashboard Widgets

Set up your own customized dashboard on the Home screen to have everything you need at a touch. Organize the Widgets you need most such as quick links to repair orders and reports, to visual breakdowns of your costs.

Unlimited Repair Order Invoicing

Turn completed repair orders into professional looking invoices in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks. Then store them digitally so no more stacks of paper and no searching through file cabinets to review them.

BrightOrder Inc.

EMDECS by BrightOrder Inc. is designed and developed to simplify the lives of maintenance managers, technicians, back office personnel and their clients. And we are constantly on the lookout to improve our system as the trucking and software industries evolve.

Our software systems are used by clients throughout North America, UK, Europe and Asia, assisting 66,000+ technicians, with over $8.6B in parts purchased, in shops having up to 80,000+ assets and tracking 65M repair events.

If you are a maintenance manager with multiple shops and 50+ assets and even multiple locations you need to talk to us about simplifying life and gaining peace of mind. We’re here to help. Arrange a demo now.

One More Benefit With EMDECS

In an age of mysterious contagious diseases new and old, EMDECS delivers no-touch no-contact service for the safety of your clients and your people. And a little more sanity for all.

Click the DEMO button below. We’ll show you how to simplify life, and we’ll be at your service. You’ll be on your way to gaining maximum uptime with EMDECS.

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