A Few More EMDECS Updates

Simplified Technician Time Logs

This update eliminates the need to enter tech start and end times on a job. Simply enter tech’s total hours and the system will provide start and end times based on information from the repair order. Designed to streamline and save time when finalizing repair orders.

Simplified at a Glance View

These have been simplified to ensure they only include information you need from the Parts Master and Unit Master screens. Core fields can still be quickly edited and the Detailed View is still available by using the More Info button.

Navigating to other parts or units has also been made easier through a new field on the popup, thus removing the time consuming need to constantly move back and forth between screens. It provides a quicker and easier method of getting crucial work done.

Initialize Invoices as Paid

If you’re considering adding the EMDECS Accounting System the setup process has now been made even easier to help get your historical invoices and get them uploaded and updated as paid. Simply utilize the Initialize AR link to quickly sort and select all invoices that have already been paid and clear up your outstanding invoices list.

Counter Sale Alerts

This feature helps you set reminders for you or your staff when interacting with a specific customer. That way when a customer walks in for a purchase you are automatically reminded to ask them to please pay outstanding invoices. Great for keeping Accounts Receivable up to date and paid.

Vendor Performance Reports

This EMDECS update enables you to keep track of who your most consistent and reliable suppliers are. It provides a PDF report that will break down average delivery time and can help you make decisions quickly when choosing who to order from.

Recapping All the new EMDECS Updates

  1. Geotab Integration
  2. Owner / Operator Module
  3. QuickBooks Integration
  4. Simplified Technician Time Logs
  5. Simplified at a Glance View
  6. Initialize Invoices as Paid
  7. Counter Sale Alerts
  8. Vendor Performance Reports

All of these updates were completed in Quarter 2 of this year and are now available for use by you and your people. We are confident that you’ll be up to speed on them quickly and will find them simple to use.

At BrightOrder Inc. we are committed to continuing to strive for excellence in our EMDECS shop management system. You can be certain that as technology evolves, EMDECS will continue to follow closely to help keep your shop a cutting edge facility

If you run a fleet and/or maintenance and repair shop and are considering an upgrade to a software management system, you are in the right place. We have 25 years’ experience behind us in management software and have learned many things over the course of years.

Now Manage Fleet and Shop with EMDECS

EMDECS is designed to merge fleet management and shop maintenance management into a single system which includes dispatchers and back office personnel. EMDECS contains logic that keeps every aspect of your business operating at top efficiency.

Our system comes with training included that gets your people up to speed in less than 30 minutes. No more weeks-long training schedules. Our familiar work flows have all your people working with EMDECS in minutes and enjoying best in class productivity for all facets of your business.

We know you’re busy and we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Instead, contact us today for a demo to see just how much power your fleet management and maintenance management can have with EMDECS.

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